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What is an “Online Troll”?

Online Trolls
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According to the internet language, a troll is an individual who spreads conflicts on the web. They do so by displeasing people, instigating arguments, and posting offensive messages on online platforms such as blogs with the intention of invoking readers emotions or rather disrupt frequent topic of discussions.

Why Do People Troll on the Internet?
There are various reasons why people intend to troll on the web. Some people do it to express the feeling of anger, relieve emotions of despair, envious, starved attention, sadness, egotistical, or some different emotions they may not be aware of that is affecting their behavior.

Trolling is common as it is easy and anyone can practice from an isolated and safe place as opposed to socializing with people face to face. Trolls can perform their notorious behavior hidden behind their screens names and computers and once they are done trolling they return to their normal routines without facing any consequences. Some people think that internet trolls are the real terrorists because their online activities have a huge impact on all of us.

Where does Online Trolling Happen?
Trolls are found flowing everywhere on the social web, although they are likely to be found in the following areas:

Blog comments: Some blogs cover controversial topics from people intending to share their views with the world. These blogs have created a troll commenting area where people are allowed to trash talk and cause trouble just for the sake of it.

Email: Most trolls use most of their time creating terrible emails in reaction to a disagreement on a topic of discussion or to individuals who offended them, or just to hurt people for no particular reason.

YouTube comments: YouTube is known as a harbor of all kind of weird comments. On any favorite video posted on YouTube, there is a series of notorious comments on it, thus making it the trailer park of the internet. The more the comments on a video, the more troll comments

Online Forums: On the web, forums are created by persons of same intellect to discuss relevant topics. Some people may leave a weird comment on the topic of discussion. The associates involved in the forum tend to respond, and within no time the argument on the comment is discouraged, and the issue goes off.

Other Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr or practically any social networking social networking site, almost everyone in the world is capable of commenting, sending coded messages, respond, and natter. Instagram, for example, as a part of the social web is used by individuals to post their snaps and anyone one can comment on their looks thus increasing the rate of trolling.

Anonymous Social Networks: Unknown social websites tend to encourage trash talking since individuals involved are unidentified. They write annoying, and hate-filled comments without being penalized as they remain unknown.

Socialites on Facebook, Twitter, and high Tumblr teens face trolling incidents each single day. As the social web becomes more accessible to people on their smartphones, trolling will continue growing and turn into a huge problem in the internet society.

Dealing with Internet Trolling
Individuals who like to troll are the ones who are in emotional pain and try to let it out to other people making themselves feel better or recognized in the internet society.

Ways of dealing with internet trolling include, but are not limited to:

  • When a troll tends to incite you, just ignore them and do not let their comments subdue your personality.
  • Also, avoid being personal with the troll comments, laugh them off and consider how stupid it is to insult unknown persons on the social web.
  • Be careful with your words. The best way to shun trolling is by not having to comment on every event or news on the internet and if need be, only when you have a relevant comment to make.
  • Having a different point of view is perfectly all right, but by making it public, you are most likely attracting the trolls.
  • Keep Calm – In cases where ones’ comment is incorrectly interpreted, it is crucial not to overreact as this would only attract more trolling. Stay calm, and do not engage in unnecessary arguments. Also, clarification on their point or comment is necessary so that your followers understand the meaning.
  • However, if you want to stick to your expressions, you can let it be where it is. If you do not want to delete your post, you can provide clarification to your followers, so that they can understand what you meant before the information was distorted.