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How to Fight Fake News

Fake news
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Each day, deceptive and false information regularly concealed in accuracy materials much of which is revealed and published and spread through social media. This information is typically provided intentionally or unintentionally by companies, governments, news outlets, non-profits amongst other organizations. The pressure behind the false information is incredibly assorted and range from misapprehension, simple error, misconduct, and deliberate malevolence by sources intending to bring out certain agenda. Malevolence sources are from government circling false news to make quick cash.

In related styles, after a top journalist publishes a great story is corrected, a few people who read the article when it was initially published will notice it has been altered and will continue to broadcast its primary outcomes. It becomes difficult when companies or national governments willingly release misleading information to influence the public opinion.

In the world we are living in, fake news has become some contemporary trend. Fake news is an intentional spread of non-factual information with the intentions of creating frenzy. Besides, those who spread false news may have the intent of profiting politically or financially. Most of us have found ourselves in situations where persons have spread the wrong information about us and erasing such news became severe. Convincing people to retract from the fake news is hard. The fakest news is spread through the social despite other traditional means being used such as rumor mongering. The fake news cause suffering on those affected and should be discouraged in any manner possible. Here are some ways to fight fake news:

Enhancing Security of the Social Media Platforms
Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms that are used in spreading fake news. However, the owners have continued to develop means to curb the prevalent spread of fake news. Twitter, for example, has the disadvantage of allowing users to create many parody accounts. These parody accounts allow persons to create accounts that they can fake their details and use to spread fake information. There should be increased security such that persons opening these parody accounts provide the true biography about themselves to avert such occurrences. This establishes the actual identity of individuals who are operating these accounts. On the other hand, Facebook has taken the initiative of eliminating fake accounts that are used to spread the false news. Also, they are adopting a strategy whereby the information that users update has to be verified before it can be displayed to the public.

-Avoid Sharing Unproven Stories
Most of us make the mistake of the exchange of information about things we are not sure happened. By the time we realize that the news was untrue, there is barely anything we can do. Pressure from our peers is a known cause of viral sharing where a tell-a-friend to tell-a-friend action surfaces. However, ensure to verify the information before posting or sharing it verbally. If you have to share the content, make sure to cite that it’s a joke to avoid the wrong misinterpretation.

-Providing Retraction Information
When fake news is detected, publishing of a correction statement is necessary to avoid further spread. This system is standard in government cases where the spokesman is required to verify any information regarding government actions. Retraction helps in correction of fake news before they spun out of control. In the social media, fake news is retracted through pulling down the fake posts and posting the correct information.

-Levying Heavy Charges on the Guilty
One of the major reasons why people engage in the spread of fake news is because there are lenient penalties for those found guilty of these activities. Some of the fake news includes defamatory allegations that deserve the proper punishment of the culprits. The current actions being taken by the government and other involved institutions.

-Conduct Public Education
One of the reasons why people find themselves spreading the fake news is due to lack of information. If persons were enlightened on the adverse impacts of spreading the fake news, it would be a real means of fighting the news. Informing the public on such means is a way of reducing the rate of spreading fake news.

Application of the given options may help in fighting fake news and reducing the harm they cause.