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Online Censorship

Private Photo Theft on Instagram


Today there have been myriad gossip articles centered on celebrity nude photos hacked from smart phones. While this certainly garners a lot of retweets and shares, it draws focus ever so slightly away from the tangential and serious problem of … Read More

Online Censorship Report : Internet in Dubai


In Dubai and the UAE, the internet connection is fast and reliable, much better than it is in any of the major cities in the world. Every house seems to be connected to the internet at an affordable rate. On … Read More

Online Censorship Report : Thailand


Internet censorship in Thailand began preceding the 19th September 2006 military coup. The constitutions of Thailand from 2007, as well as the 1997 constitution, assured the freedom of speech; on the other hand, there would be instances when censorship would … Read More

What is an “Online Troll”?


According to the internet language, a troll is an individual who spreads conflicts on the web. They do so by displeasing people, instigating arguments, and posting offensive messages on online platforms such as blogs with the intention of invoking readers … Read More

How to Fight Fake News


Each day, deceptive and false information regularly concealed in accuracy materials much of which is revealed and published and spread through social media. This information is typically provided intentionally or unintentionally by companies, governments, news outlets, non-profits amongst other organizations. … Read More

Will Donald Trump Censor the Internet 600


All through his presidential campaigns, Donald Trump made various comments in regards to the internet. Most of these remarks were taken as a threat to the freedom and privacy people enjoy over the web. The main question on people‚Äôs minds … Read More

Online Censorship Report : Internet in China


Various devices all over the world are linked together with the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) which is a worldwide system that interconnects multiple computer networks. The internet is mainly a web of many other networks such as public and private … Read More